Shelton First Baptist Church Visits Christville! - March 2014


A group of 18 people from Sheldon First Baptist Church, in Sheldon, Washington, came to Christville in January 2014 to build a cafeteria and to lead a VBS program for our students.

The week was amazing and many lives have been forever impacted by the things that happened in this week.

The Haitians and this group worked closely together, shoveling gravel, sifting rocks and mixing cement. It was a beautiful picture of God bringing two cultures together as one body to accomplish His will.

The cafeteria that was a vision in Pastor Kelly’s mind for so long is finished, and soon there will be students of Christville eating in it. Praise God.

Christville work

For so long the students had been tripping on the uneven floors, because the floors were unable to be finished. Through God and the coming together of the Haitians and this group from Washington, the floors in all four classrooms have been completed.

Christville work

A VBS program was also lead by Shelton Baptist. Over 3 days about 215 students came each day to hear a Bible story, sing songs, and do a craft.

students students

How Can You Help?

*Prayer- We believe prayer is the most effective and powerful resource we have.
*We are working towards having a feeding program to feed the children of Christville
*We are also working towards paying the full salaries of the teacher.
*We can always use donations, contact us if you are interested in donating.

If you are interested in joining a team or taking a group on a mission trip to Christville please contact us at


Sponsoring a child for $20 per month will cover all expenses for school tuition, school supplies and also go towards feeding the kids lunch every day, along with supplying clean water to the community [Learn more]

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